I am qualified to offer a range of Kinesiology short courses and workshops, including:


K-Power® courses

New Perceptions for Living – a flower essence workshop

Equivalent to VEF201 in the ICPKP professional certification program.

You will learn muscle testing and how to tune in to your intuition, and will use both in working with the original Bach flower remedies, as well as the New Zealand new perception flower essence cards, and the Australian Life Remedies (Stepanovs method) among many other flower essences.

You will gain skills and have access to remedies and cards to use for yourselves as well as others in the class, and for specific issues.

If you have some flower essences and want to bring them along, you are welcome to.

Bottles, droppers and water will be provided so everyone goes home with a flower essence for a specific area of their life.

Dates: Saturday & Sunday September 8-9 2018 10am to 4pm

Cost: $300 includes NZ cards (value $60 wholesale), certificate, tuition, and use of remedies on the day.
$150 for repeaters. (Additional charge for NZ cards ($60) if want set – highly recommended)
$460 if you bring a friend (includes 2 sets of cards)

Location: Beach Lane 642 Nepean Hwy, Carrum, Vic

Details: bring your own lunch as café closed; close to beach and picnic area if fine day; or can eat indoors where we are; or Motocafe and other options close by.

Please contact Rowena for more information or to book.

Stress Release Made Easy

This workshop aims to give you an understanding of what stress is and how the body responds to stress.

It will show you the warning signs of stress and how to manage it.

Using the simple yet powerful techniques in this workshop you can also help your family find effective ways to manage stress.

This workshop is concerned with sharing ways to increase your stress tolerance, renew your depleted resources for resisting stress and learning new skills for managing stress.

You will learn Kinesiology muscle testing, and meridian acupoints that direct to appropriate affirmations to keep you vital and refreshed.

Please resister your interest.

2018 K-Power workshops commencing in Albury, NSW

Please contact Naomi Pickles at Kinesiology College for more details on 0438 251 984

Emotional Extensions

The aim of this workshop is to assist the student/graduate to use the commonly seen Barometer on college or Practitioner walls, by Three-In-One Concepts™ in all its brilliance.

To learn the whole story of relationships both within and in behaviour exhibited in relation to self and/or others

This assists with the awareness of habitual reactions and how to achieve the ability to respond, with choice, so the person can achieve the desired state of mind (also the knowledge of where they developed this behaviour/reaction in order to survive)

This leads to the ability to have both hemispheres of the brain working together and to be at choice in one’s life, rather to be drawn in to the unsatisfactory reactions that one has, that worked in the past to survive.

Time to live as you want to live. Your choice

In addition, we look at the emotional and metaphysical applications of the meridians (and related muscles) and systems; the theory of the 5 elements conceptually, and how to apply that to emotions to aid education of the client/student/graduate.

We explore the systems metaphysically together in class, as well as how to incorporate the infinity waters emotionally.

Sometimes the emotion is “crisis? what crisis?” which you could only find in the infinity waters lists.

The information along with copyright permission has been submitted to AIK and AKA for 7 hours face time as well as homework 2 balances; practical assessed in class.

It is a fascinating and rewarding journey when your client/person being balanced says “wow, you must be psychic” as the emotion and metaphysics are so spot on to their situation and awareness.

This day is taught by Rowena Maine, who has a long history with Kinesiology covering 24 years and being an Instructor in 3 modalities with training and learning and competency gained in many more.

Epigenetic Healing Cycles

Your DNA is not Your Destiny; to help reduce human suffering related to common universal fears, job stresses, relationship issues and life situations.

Ideally the person attending would have attended First Aid for the Soul/Stress Release Made Easy or have the ability to muscle test and/or whole body test.

10.00am-4.00pm Cost $295 includes light refreshments, book, or text on ipad can be arranged with notice, and certificate

Please register you interest.

Bahavioural Barometer

Short course explaining the amazing revelations of this chart honouring the founders of 3in1 Concepts USA.

10.00am-3.00pm Cost $175 includes book to take home

Please register you interest.

Kinesiopractic ® and International Kinesiology  Graduate Diplomas

ECO301, ECO 302, (Adrenal stages, cleansing and detoxification) and Stanley Keleman’s Emotional Anatomy; most fascinating distress patterning that affects our shapes!) MST 303, for those that need to complete their International ICPKP Diploma.

You then have the choice of entering the Kinesiopractic ® starting with the EMS wedge end August 2017 (EMS 306.401.402 and 403)

Please register your interest.

Nature deva and Spiritual workshop

Simply life changing.

More information to come. Please register your interest.

Tibetan Energy and Vitality

The ancient art of using Tibetan healing figure 8’s and vitality exercises to increase wellbeing and vitality, as well as working with the aura, using muscle testing. No prior knowledge required.

Mastery of Emotional Stress Release

A 2 day workshop (pre-requisite Stress Release Made Easy).

If you have done ICPKP’s EMS201 , you only need to do this once to apply to be an Instructor of this KPower(R) unit

Advanced techniques to assist with creating the future you want, as well as clearing the past you have experienced, that is limiting your potential.

Overcoming Co-dependency

Pre-requisite Mastery of Emotional Stress Release.

Five Element Fundamentals

This is for energy therapists to learn muscle testing basics and techniques to assist with structural, nutritional and emotional imbalances.


Everyone knows this language subconsciously.

Find out how to read this language to enhance relationships, be it family, friends, work placements, and know how people will react under stress, like their default position.

After Stress Release Made Easy and Mastery of Emotional Stress Release, Your Face is Talking to Me  , and Your Face is Talking To Me Again, become available to attend.

If you are not wishing to be an Instructor of KPower ® and have attended EMS201 in an ICPKP Certificate or Diploma, you can attend these 2 units.


New perceptions for Living

Will teach you to use your intuition in the use of flower essence cards, for profound insights for yourself and for others, as well as muscle testing for actual flower essences or affirmations.


One evening per week basis for 6 weeks, for Kinesiologists starting out, or in practice already, starting soon.

Syllabus of the 6 weeks sent on registering interest, and collation of any requests re: areas.

Currently being run on a one-on-one basis. Cost $780

Interested in attending or organising a workshop?

Contact me to discuss the workshop(s) you’d like to learn more about.


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