“Rowena is a compassionate listener, and creates a safe but powerful space to explore deep emotional issues. I found Rowena very helpful, intuitive and very talented in helping me clear stress and trauma.” ~ Amanda

“I have seen Rowena a few times in relation to my anxiety issues, and what an amazing difference she has made.
During my sessions she is supportive, understanding and bursting with knowledge. I feel as though I am getting a grip on who I am and am making decisions based on what I want and not based on my anxiety. This truly is a breath of fresh air for me.
Not only is Rowena my Kinesiologist, she is also my teacher in my PKP studies. Her teaching method is captivating as she imparts her wisdom through wonderful stories of her own experiences as a Kinesiologist, teacher and client.
I am not only thankful to Rowena for the warm welcome to the college but also for being an inspiring Kinesiologist.” ~ Sarah

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