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featherLife Remedies – Stepanov’s Method

Introducing the plant remedies formally known as Love Remedies, made in Australia via Stepanov’s Method. The late Juta Stepanov and Harald Tietze, world renowned author, explored and researched this new way of honouring the plants/flowers lives and purpose. These remedies bring this new method of drawing from Mother Earth (Gaia) through the roots filtering system of nourishment up the plant to the leaves and gathered via this method (without the first stages of death proposed by Juta of the flower in water of questionable memory e.g. Masaru Emoto). Thereby honouring the plant’s purpose in nature and its life as well as sharing its healing ability. The Aboriginal Healer’s knowledge has been drawn upon through Harald’s friendship with Eddie Kneebone and others.

I am proud to distribute these living essences using Stepanov’s Method to you, now known as Life Remedies with the heart of flowers symbol.



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