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I’ve been interested in, and immersed in the world of Kinesiology and vibrational healing since the early 90’s.

I gave up my Nursing career for many reasons, one being the toll it was taking on my health.

One of my sisters suggested I try a session with a Kinesiologist, the late Don Viney. After 3 sessions I was starting to feel bit better, so I kept going.


It’s based in the anatomy and physiology of the body, and the Chinese acupuncture system, with many structural, nutritional, emotional, belief systems, sabotages,history, habits, etc, blocking our flow.

I ended up travelling around Australia’s East coast, and New Zealand, and became a Kinesiology Instructor as well.

I love my work with clients, and the understandings they get, as well as their results.

I love working with children, adults, and whatever problems you have.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Dip.Kinesiology and Post Grad Dip Kinesiopractic®

I’m a Professional Member of ATMS and AIK.


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